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[NECC1702: formerly NRSP-7]

Completed MUADP Projects

Drug Species Indication NADA Status
albendazole goats liver flukes 110-048 Approved
amprolium pheasants coccidiosis 012-350 Approved
bacitracin quail ulcerative enteritis 046-592 Approved
ceftiofur sheep bacterial pneumonia 140-338 Approved
ceftiofur goats bacterial pneumonia 140-338 Approved
decoquinate sheep coccidiosis 039-417 Approved
decoquinate goats coccidiosis 039-417 Approved
fenbendazole goats GI parasites 128-620 Approved
fenbendazolebighorn sheeplungworms131-675 Approved
formalinPenaeid shrimpExternal protozoan parasites137-687
formalin Finned Fish and eggs External fungal & protozoan parasites 140-989 Approved
ivermectin reindeer warbles 128-409 Approved
ivermectin fox ear mites 128-409 Approved
ivermectin American bison hypodermosis 128-409 Approved
lasalocid rabbits coccidiosis 096-298 Approved
lasalocid chukar partridges coccidiosis 096-298 Approved
lincomycin honey bees American foulbrood111-636 Approved
monensin goats coccidiosis 095-735 Approved
monensin quail coccidiosis 038-878
morantel tartrate goats GI parasites 092-444 Approved
oxytetracycline finfish otolith marking008-622
oxytetracycline lobster gaffkemia 038-439 Approved
progesterone sheep estrus synchronization 141-302 Approved
salinomycin quail coccidiosis 128-686 Approved
catfish bacterial infections 125-933 Approved
chukar partridges coccidiosis 040-209 Approved
thiabendazole pheasants gapeworm 015-875 Approved
tilmicosin sheep respitory disease 140-929 Approved
tylosin honey bees foul brood 013-076 Approved
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